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Fact: there are more health and diet challenges than ever before in our country. From diabetes to obesity, heart disease, hypertension and digestive disorders, the impact of our unbalanced lifestyles is staring us right in the face.

The good news is that there is more drive than ever to get back to a wholesome, organic and natural way of eating, but, with so much information out there, it can feel like you’re trying to navigate a maze. That’s where we come in.

I’m Siyabonga Mngoma

I am passionate about wholesome, fresh produce and raising awareness about foods that improve one’s health. As a result of my own health journey and losing loved ones to lifestyle illnesses, I started Abundance Wholesome Foods, selling organic fresh produce to people looking for convenient ways to make their lives healthier. I believe wholeheartedly that so many illnesses can be prevented by making healthy life choices, so working towards changing people’s attitudes towards food and contributing to minimum environmental negative impact is what motivates and inspires me. I believe in the power of food medicine! As a by-product of my learnings, I decided to launch the Abundance Wholesome Foods blog so that I can further spread the word and hopefully change lives for the better.

Siyabonga Mngoma – Abundance Wholesome Foods
Siyabonga Mngoma

While it’s still a struggle at times, my balanced lifestyle, healthy eating choices, positive affirmations and health programme has kept illness away. I’ve also created an indoor jungle in my apartment with over 35 tropical and exotic plants, and I believe this daily interaction with nature enhances one’s quality of life.

The potential to build efficient food systems in South Africa, be fit within a startup and part of the dynamic organic foods sector is very exciting to me, and I’m thrilled to have you along for the journey. At this stage in my life there is nothing more satisfying than providing a basic, nutrient-rich organic food to my community and working towards saving our planet.

Siyabonga Mngoma graduated with a Higher Diploma: Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC), Brand Management (Major) from the AAA School of Advertising in 2002. In 2012, she obtained her BA Honors in Brand Leadership from Vega Brand Communication School where she completed her dissertation paper (Beyond Colonialism: The Evolution of the dress and its influence on Afro–couture). Siyabonga Mngoma went on to study Digital Marketing and received her Diploma with the Digital Marketing Institute in 2016.

Who Are We?

At Abundance Wholesome Foods, our mission is to empower all South Africans to reclaim their health by making better food choices. Why? Because we believe that food is the most powerful medicine and – if used correctly – can make a massive impact impact on your wellbeing and any lifestyle diseases you or your family are facing. Yes, simply eating the right foods has been PROVEN to be one of the most powerful factors in helping overcome lifestyle diseases such as those mentioned above!

All you need to know

On this website you will find well-researched, expert content on how to create a healthier lifestyle. While so much information exists, there is little that is credible or verified by health professionals. Our goal is to find and provide you with the most accurate and relevant wellness information within the South African context, so that you can make informed decisions when seeking natural solutions to your health challenges. While we do not promise any cures to any lifestyle diseases, we can guarantee that making better and more informed food choices will change the way you feel.

You have the power to change your health today. Let’s walk the path together. Asambeni.

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