• Organic Farming 101

    Organic Farming 101

    Everything you need to know about organic farming and its benefits! Food Security Although food is abundant in our country, food security has not been achieved and is still a major challenge. Food security can be achieved by creating local …

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  • How Gender Discrimination Affects the Mental Health of Women

    How Gender Discrimination Affects the Mental Health of Women

    Mental health affects men and women equally, however, women tend to suffer more from mental health problems due to a combination of genetic and gender differences, as well as psychosocial stressors.   There are conditions brought about by hormonal differences …

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  • Pandemic fatigue and Burnout

    Pandemic fatigue and Burnout

    Are you suffering from pandemic fatigue and burnout? Amid the emotional roller coaster of social isolation, work stress, home schooling, and a pandemic still raging, how can you tell when you have reached the end of your tether? The exhaustion …

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  • Teaching children to look after their mental health

    Teaching children to look after their mental health

    The disruption to learning and educational environments caused by the coronaviruspandemic has affected many school going children and adolescents alike. If we allthink back to our own individual struggles in the past year and a half, I am almostcertain that …

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  • The Self-care act of Mindfulness

    The Self-care act of Mindfulness

    Self-care is about self-initiated behaviours that promote good health and wellbeing.  Sometimes we can forget to help and care for ourselves as we are concerned with helping others. Putting your wellbeing first need not be a selfish act. After all, one …

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  • Social Media Influencing your Decisions?

    Social Media Influencing your Decisions?

    When emotions come before reason, our well-being suffers.        Lately, I have had to make a number of decisions and I’ve noted how my decision-making has been affected by my emotions – increasingly more now than in the past. Needless to say, …

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  • Women Empowering Women

    Women Empowering Women

    I am a firm believer of Gandhi’s saying that if you want to change the world, be the change you wish to see. It always starts within ourselves to initiate personal change so that we can rise to bigger challenges …

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  • How to deal with Uncertainty

    How to deal with Uncertainty

    The coronavirus pandemic has heightened uncertainty over the economy, employment, relationships, even our physical and mental health. If you are like most people, you crave security and you want to feel safe and have a sense of control over your life …

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  • Making Room for Gratitude

    Making Room for Gratitude

    The year 2020 has been awful for most of us, a humbling year we are not likely to forget due to Covid-19. My heart goes out to those who have lost loved ones, family, friends and colleagues. Given the difficulties …

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  • 10 Questions to achieve wellbeing

    10 Questions to achieve wellbeing

    Covid-19 has shone a light on the importance of wellbeing and there is now a greater understanding of the role of holistic wellbeing. More so now than ever, wellbeing plays a major role in enabling most people to successfully overcome difficulties …

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  • Health benefits of fermented food & drink

    Health benefits of fermented food & drink

    Fermented food and drinks are alive! They are rich in bacteria that perform essential functions in our bodies, improving our digestion, our immune systems and even our psychological state. Fermented foods contain live probiotic cultures (if not heated/cooked after fermentation). …

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  • 5 Healthy Meat Substitutes

    5 Healthy Meat Substitutes

    I love meat, and I eat meat – less and less in the past few years, but my body still needs meat for my health and so do most people. I believe it is good to cut down on meat, …

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  • Digital Wellbeing

    Digital Wellbeing

    How often does it happen that before you walk out of your home every morning, you mentally check whether you have your phone with you? It may sound ridiculous, but most of us would feel so lost without our devices for …

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  • Food Relief Update: August/September

    Food Relief Update: August/September

    During August and September, we commemorated Women’s month and Heritage month in South Africa. This year the two months were a time of great reflection for us as we observed many social ills against women and our heritage; women who …

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  • Explaining Social & Cultural Wellness

    Explaining Social & Cultural Wellness

    As we celebrate our nation’s diverse culture and heritage this month, we are reminded of the continuous discussions South Africans have around issues of diversity, equity and inclusiveness. Unbeknown to some, social and cultural wellness form part of the wellbeing framework …

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  • How to Add Veggies to Breakfast

    How to Add Veggies to Breakfast

    Termed “the most important meal of the day”, breakfast is often underestimated. When we break the overnight fast with the first meal of the day, our bodies are reloaded with essential nutrients bringing preparedness and lifting energy levels to start …

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  • How Long to Keep Spices and Herbs

    How Long to Keep Spices and Herbs

    As the season changes and we get excited about the warmer months’ foods and flavours, we often start cleaning out our kitchen cupboards. The tricky part arises when we get to our spices and herbs… how long do they last? …

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  • Celebrating Women

    Celebrating Women

    During women’s month, I usually reflect on and appreciate the incredible women all over the world who have championed women’s causes over time.  There is no shortage of such accomplished women, from Nobel Prize winners, activists of various social issues, …

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  • Honey as Medicine

    Honey as Medicine

    Honey – one of the world’s oldest medicines – was known only as a sweetener for centuries. It was so precious that ancient Egyptians used it as a form of currency, which is not surprising when you consider that it …

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  • Food Relief Update: June

    Food Relief Update: June

    During the month of June, we had a tough conversation with ourselves regarding our food relief programme. While the programme had lasted thus far, and we believe through your support we made a much-needed contribution in dealing with the hunger …

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  • Mental Illness Stigma and Stereotypes

    Mental Illness Stigma and Stereotypes

    July is mental health awareness month and continuing from last month’s article on maintaining mental wellbeing, this article looks at advocating and raising awareness for mental health.  Mental health looks different for everyone. You can sound confident and have anxiety; you …

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  • Edible leaves

    Edible leaves

    Visiting farms and chatting with food growers, I am always surprised and happy to learn about the wonder of vegetables. Like finding out about parts of the vegetable that are edible that we don’t normally bother to use and just …

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  • Maintaining Mental Wellbeing

    Maintaining Mental Wellbeing

    Until a couple of months ago, most of us have never heard of the Coronavirus. We now find ourselves overwhelmed with daily Covid-19 statistics and information. You’ve likely experienced some anxiety and depression from resultant personal circumstances, information overload, fake …

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  • Eating to Save the Environment

    Eating to Save the Environment

    The 5th of June is World Environment Day, and this year’s theme is biodiversity – “a concern that is both urgent and existential,” according to the United Nations. This is a day to talk openly about environmental protection issues and …

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  • Food Relief Update: May

    Food Relief Update: May

    In the wake of COVID-19, the provision of food continues to be a crisis. Although we are a food-producing country, this doesn’t translate into a country of well-fed citizens. On top of this, food prices in supermarkets continue to increase …

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  • Growing Your Support Network

    Growing Your Support Network

    Last week we wrote about social support networks and why they are so important, especially during times of crisis. But how do we build and grow those networks in order to have reliable support? Be proactive At times people expect …

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  • Food Relief Update: April

    Food Relief Update: April

    Thank you for your amazing support – let’s continue! In just 2 weeks we raised over R14,000!  This is what your money did: A total of R14,370 was raised through our incredible supporters like you! 100% of this money went towards …

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  • The Importance of Social Support

    The Importance of Social Support

    Having a shoulder to lean on is a much-appreciated gesture and can be an essential lifeline when the going gets tough. This has never been truer for most South Africans than it is now, in the lockdown period when people have …

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  • Positive Habits in the Time of Lockdown

    Positive Habits in the Time of Lockdown

    It has been 6 weeks since South Africa embarked on a countrywide lockdown to curb the spread of the coronavirus to try and flatten the curve. The impact of this stay at home is having both positive and negative results …

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  • Cultivating Hope

    Cultivating Hope

    Hope is an asset that perseveres through the darkest hours. It’s the belief that tomorrow or the future can be better. The whole world is in turmoil as a result of the coronavirus. Closer to home, the extended lockdown has added incredible …

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  • Consider Your Food Footprint

    Consider Your Food Footprint

    Have you considered the footprint of the food you eat? A lot seems uncertain at the moment. With the trajectory of the coronavirus pandemic in South Africa there are so many questions. Will the lockdown end in 21 days? Will …

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  • Avoid Loneliness When Working at Home

    Avoid Loneliness When Working at Home

    If anyone had told me, three months into the year I would be working at home, locked in my studio apartment in downtown Johannesburg for 21 days I would have laughed in their face. And had they added that a …

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  • How to Nourish Your Inner Spirit

    How to Nourish Your Inner Spirit

    Self-care is essential to maintaining a healthy relationship with yourself. You and your needs are important. You can only attempt to take on the rest of the world if you make yourself a priority. So, if you haven’t done anything …

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  • Time for Tea!

    Time for Tea!

    Tea is the perfect antidote to the dreaded cold and flu season, so we’re looking at some tea options to boost our immune systems and ward off any sickness. If wellbeing is your priority, stock up on these ingredients and …

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  • Fun ways to nurture mind and soul

    Fun ways to nurture mind and soul

    Good health is not only about looking after your body, it’s a holistic approach that includes the wellbeing of your mind and soul too. Here are some of our favourite tips to nurture your mind and soul. Keep houseplants Unless …

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  • How to Live Longer

    How to Live Longer

    As well as being the month of love, February is also healthy lifestyle awareness month in South Africa, which essentially means looking at how to live longer. This year’s theme is titled “Cheka Impilo – have peace of mind,” which …

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  • How to Keep Organic Veg Fresh for Longer

    How to Keep Organic Veg Fresh for Longer

    At Abundance Wholesome Foods, our vegetables are not treated with food additives or chemicals to extend the shelf life of the produce. Nature intended you to enjoy the freshness, great taste and nutrient-dense goodness of vegetables, herbs and fruit, and …

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  • 10 Cancer Facts

    10 Cancer Facts

    Today, 4 February, marks World Cancer Day, which means it’s time for us to reflect on what we know about the disease. Below we’ve compiled 10 cancer facts that everyone should know. World Cancer Day The theme for this year’s …

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  • Top 6 Summer Vegetables, Herbs and Fruit

    Top 6 Summer Vegetables, Herbs and Fruit

    To celebrate the season and the farmers who grow our food, we wanted to share our favourite summer vegetables, herbs and fruit. Besides their freshness, superior quality and taste, they also pack a healthy punch. One of our customers wrote …

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  • Nurturing Self-control and Will Power

    Nurturing Self-control and Will Power

    Lose weight, eat healthy, save money, read more books, spend more time with family.  Sound familiar? Most of us have had these New Year resolutions; many can attest to how difficult it is to follow through. So how do we …

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  • How to do a Plant-based Braai

    How to do a Plant-based Braai

    Whether it’s for health and wellbeing, caring for animals or the climate crisis, plant-based eating is gaining momentum and popping up everywhere – even at braais. The shift in global consciousness has seen a huge rise in the plant-based food …

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  • Conscious Cooking

    Conscious Cooking

    With all the buzz around eating for health, trendy diets, what to eat and what not to eat, making food can easily become an exercise in anxiety! However, more and more people are turning to the ethical food movement that …

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  • Plant-based Diet: Foods to Consider

    Plant-based Diet: Foods to Consider

    Last year November I committed to an experiment of going vegetarian, as part of Vegan month. It did not go well. The reason it was a disaster was that I had not considered everything I needed to, especially in relation …

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  • Family and Diabetes

    Family and Diabetes

    On the 14th of November, we commemorate World Diabetes Day. As the number of diabetes cases continues to rise – becoming one of the leading causes of death in the world – it is very important that we get a …

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  • The Truth About Added Sugar

    The Truth About Added Sugar

    There is natural sugar, then there is added sugar. Natural sugar is found in foods like fruits, vegetables and dairy and, as its name suggests, it is natural. Added sugar is found mostly in processed foods like cereals, desserts, yoghurts …

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  • Eating to Avoid a Stroke

    Eating to Avoid a Stroke

    As the world observes World Stroke Day, we wanted to shine a spotlight on this very common ailment and look at ways to avoid an attack. Our objective as a company is to promote organic foods as an alternative to …

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  • Pantry Essentials for Summer

    Pantry Essentials for Summer

    As we spring clean our bodies and homes this season, let’s add the pantry to that list. Stuff that has been in the cupboards for over a few years needs to go. For the stuff that you’re keeping, find out …

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  • Food and Mood

    Food and Mood

    I love food. I have a lovely meal as a reward, I eat when I am sad, when a friend is coming over – I panic about what I will offer them to eat… When I finish lunch I think …

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  • Embracing our Food Heritage

    Embracing our Food Heritage

    In South Africa, indigenous crops and traditional foods have been so downgraded that we have forgotten the tastes and even some of the names of these foods. Sadly, this means we’re missing out on some readily available health benefits. The …

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  • Benefits of Eating Local Food

    Benefits of Eating Local Food

    Local food is nca! And here’s why… The “local food” movement has been around in South Africa for almost 20 years now. Organisations like Slow Food South Africa started in 2001 with the “aim to support keeping our rich local …

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  • 5 Food Groups to Boost Heart Health

    5 Food Groups to Boost Heart Health

    September is Heart Awareness Month in South Africa, an initiative to raise awareness about heart health and cardiovascular disease in the country. Heart diseases continue to be the leading killer in the world, and 225 South Africans are killed by …

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  • 3 Great Apps for Mindfulness

    3 Great Apps for Mindfulness

    As much as technology can distract us, it can also provide tools to strengthen our attention. Here are three mobile applications that have helped develop and support my mindfulness practice. Headspace I used this to develop a daily sitting practice. …

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  • The Rainbow Diet for Optimal Health

    The Rainbow Diet for Optimal Health

    Mother Nature has gifted us fruits and vegetables in different colours, not by chance but for our optimal health. This is why it is important to include all colours in our daily meals – and follow a “rainbow diet” – …

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  • 6 Keys to Good Health

    6 Keys to Good Health

    With so much available information on lifestyle diseases, it’s easy to think that achieving good health is unrealistic. While not easy, we believe good health is possible – with intention and discipline. From all our reading, the message we have …

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  • Plastic-free Living

    Plastic-free Living

    In the past couple of months at Abundance Wholesome Foods, we have received several enquiries from potential customers about our packaging. I gladly respond: we are plastic-free! Our veggies are not wrapped. Our herbs are wrapped in brown paper and …

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  • Mindfulness Success Measures

    Mindfulness Success Measures

    When I first began practising meditation, I felt completely adrift. There didn’t seem to be a clear goal (enlightenment? is that even a thing?), and I didn’t know how to measure my progress, which for an A-type personality is highly …

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  • 5 Fab Herbs and How to Use Them

    5 Fab Herbs and How to Use Them

    The importance of herbs in the diet is never emphasised enough. Herbs are not just pretty green sprinkles that make food taste good, they’re jam-packed full of nutrients and come with a host of health benefits. Common elements found in …

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  • How to Preserve Herbs

    How to Preserve Herbs

    The history of herbs is vast, and the list of benefits of these plants is almost as long. It is reported that in about 2000 BC the first interpretation of herbs was documented in Babylon, where Egyptians imported herbs, spices …

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  • Rewild Your Diet

    Rewild Your Diet

    Rewilding literally means the undoing of domestication, and this became an attractive concept when I thought about how our food system impacts negatively on the environment. The amount of damage inflicted by humans on our planet is just plain scary. …

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  • How to Breathe

    How to Breathe

    As we continue to try manage our COVID-19 existence, it seems like there is a lot to adapt to. There is a lot to ponder. What food do we eat to maintain a healthy immune system? How do we keep …

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  • Reset Your Taste Buds to Love Healthy Food

    Reset Your Taste Buds to Love Healthy Food

    “I am addicted to sugar,” I told friends the other day as I reached for the dessert menu. “We are all addicted to sugar,” someone responded. “Not Kaya,” was my comeback, “but Kaya grew up in Sweden!” Recently scientists in …

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  • Air Pollution From Food is Killing us

    Air Pollution From Food is Killing us

    The theme of this year’s World Environment Day, celebrated on 5 June, is “air pollution” – one of the greatest environmental challenges of our time. This is a call to action to combat one of the greatest environmental challenges of …

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  • 5 Things That Happened When I Quit Smoking

    5 Things That Happened When I Quit Smoking

    For the second time, I quit smoking cigarettes last year, August 2018. I don’t even remember the exact date because it was one of those moments when I just had to do it. I was left with two cigarettes in …

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  • Mindfulness in Food, Exercise and Meditation

    Mindfulness in Food, Exercise and Meditation

    There is a dizzying abundance of health information, advice and resources – some of which seems to change just as you get your head around it. Where does mindfulness fit into all of this? I feel anxious about all the …

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  • Know Your Blood Pressure Numbers

    Know Your Blood Pressure Numbers

    High blood pressure has no symptoms, which is why it’s often referred to as the “silent killer”. Checking your blood pressure regularly is therefore essential. During this month of May, be part of the May Measurement Month and visit your …

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  • Get Physical on Move for Health Day

    Get Physical on Move for Health Day

    If there is an opportunity to make new commitments to physical activity at this time of the year, World Move for Health Day is the day! On 10 May 2019, the world celebrates a global annual event that promotes physical …

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  • Poor Diet Causes More Deaths Than Smoking

    Poor Diet Causes More Deaths Than Smoking

    Poor diet is now cited as the leading cause of death from lifestyle diseases – which is more than those caused from smoking. In closing the month of April, which observes World Health Day – celebrated on the 7th April …

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  • Staying Present Through Pain

    Staying Present Through Pain

    Mindfulness invites us to stay present. But what if the present is unpleasant? Pleasure and pain All animals, including humans, are designed to seek pleasure and avoid pain. Pleasurable experiences feel good; we want them to happen more often and …

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  • Why Organic Produce Costs More

    Why Organic Produce Costs More

    As the world continues to commemorate World Health Day which was on the 7th of April 2019, we want to weigh in on the organic, fresh produce debate. If you’re familiar with our content you will know that we promote …

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  • Why Meal Prepping is Worth Doing

    Why Meal Prepping is Worth Doing

    Meal prepping can sound so trendy and cliché! However, it is exactly that: preparation. It is everything we have been told to do or read about when it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but it seems so tedious. That …

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  • Universal Health Coverage: Everyone, Everywhere

    Universal Health Coverage: Everyone, Everywhere

    Since 1950, the United Nations (UN) and the World Health Organisation (WHO) have been commemorating World Health Day on the 7th of April each year. This day is observed to raise awareness of the need to improve global health, and …

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  • South Africa – World’s Most Unhealthy Country

    South Africa – World’s Most Unhealthy Country

    As part of 191 countries studied for being the healthiest and unhealthiest, South Africa is the unhealthiest in 2019. You read it right! Tracking the healthiest countries globally by using 10 key measures, the Indigo Wellness Index presented us with …

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  • Mind-wandering – Useful or Not?

    Mind-wandering – Useful or Not?

    Have you noticed your mind wandering and how it loves time travelling to the past or the future? It happens a lot – about half our time, apparently (Killingsworth, 2011). Mind-wandering can feel nice sometimes – daydreaming about a holiday …

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  • 10 Yummy Ways to Cook Vegetables

    10 Yummy Ways to Cook Vegetables

    When eating for health, you realise that vegetables form a huge part of a balanced diet, and there is simply no getting away from this. Since most of us prefer our food to taste good, it’s often a complaint from …

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  • Sugar: The Bittersweet Story

    Sugar: The Bittersweet Story

    For the past 10 years, the debate about sugar has been raging locally and globally, and it’s no surprise when you read the stats below. A study by the University of Witswatersrand revealed that South Africans devour between 12 and …

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