Health benefits of fermented food & drink

fermented food

Fermented food and drinks are alive! They are rich in bacteria that perform essential functions in our bodies, improving our digestion, our immune systems and even our psychological state. Fermented foods contain live probiotic cultures (if not heated/cooked after fermentation). …

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How to Keep Organic Veg Fresh for Longer

how to keep your organic veg fresh

At Abundance Wholesome Foods, our vegetables are not treated with food additives or chemicals to extend the shelf life of the produce. Nature intended you to enjoy the freshness, great taste and nutrient-dense goodness of vegetables, herbs and fruit, and …

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Top 6 Summer Vegetables, Herbs and Fruit

summer vegetables

To celebrate the season and the farmers who grow our food, we wanted to share our favourite summer vegetables, herbs and fruit. Besides their freshness, superior quality and taste, they also pack a healthy punch. One of our customers wrote …

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