How to Add Veggies to Breakfast


Termed “the most important meal of the day”, breakfast is often underestimated. When we break the overnight fast with the first meal of the day, our bodies are reloaded with essential nutrients bringing preparedness and lifting energy levels to start …

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Consider Your Food Footprint

food footprint

Have you considered the footprint of the food you eat? A lot seems uncertain at the moment. With the trajectory of the coronavirus pandemic in South Africa there are so many questions. Will the lockdown end in 21 days? Will …

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Fun ways to nurture mind and soul

mind and soul

Good health is not only about looking after your body, it’s a holistic approach that includes the wellbeing of your mind and soul too. Here are some of our favourite tips to nurture your mind and soul. Keep houseplants Unless …

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How to Keep Organic Veg Fresh for Longer

how to keep your organic veg fresh

At Abundance Wholesome Foods, our vegetables are not treated with food additives or chemicals to extend the shelf life of the produce. Nature intended you to enjoy the freshness, great taste and nutrient-dense goodness of vegetables, herbs and fruit, and …

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How to do a Plant-based Braai

plant-based braai

Whether it’s for health and wellbeing, caring for animals or the climate crisis, plant-based eating is gaining momentum and popping up everywhere – even at braais. The shift in global consciousness has seen a huge rise in the plant-based food …

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6 Keys to Good Health

good health

With so much available information on lifestyle diseases, it’s easy to think that achieving good health is unrealistic. While not easy, we believe good health is possible – with intention and discipline. From all our reading, the message we have …

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