Food Relief Update: August/September

During August and September, we commemorated Women’s month and Heritage month in South Africa. This year the two months were a time of great reflection for us as we observed many social ills against women and our heritage; women who struggle to feed their families and the wisdom of our heritage of Ubuntu being eroded. However, the Ubuntu shown by many of our customers and non-customers has been a guiding light in this time, and we are very grateful. We have been so encouraged by the support of South Africans who have helped us provide fresh produce to food-starved communities in Gauteng.

In the past two months as many South Africans tried to pick up their lives that have been disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic, we still received donations to support our two adopted organisations and other organisations who reached out to us for food relief support.

Through your donations we were privileged to buy 50 veggie parcels including one fruit for Marotholi Outreach, an organisation run by a group of young doctors and other professionals with the aim of addressing the alarmingly high number of malnourished children in vulnerable communities. Stunting is a condition that undermines the growth of our children and limits their chance at developing to their full potential, and the rate of this is sitting at 27% in South Africa. 

We also delivered 30 veggies parcels to Adriaan’s church Soup Kitchen for the community in Eldorado Park, 55 parcels to the Mam Connie’s Ithemba Project in Berea as well as our adopted organisations Londani Lushaka and Blessed is the Hand that Gives in Alexandra township.

In the 6 months we asked for donations, we received an amount of R41,000,00. We thank everyone who has made donations, your generosity made a huge difference in someone’s life.

Our wish to start a food garden in Alexandra has not been realised yet, with all the necessities for a successful and sustainable food garden, we currently do not have all the resources required, but we hope to get there.

As we enter Level 1 of lockdown in South Africa let us maintain hygiene guidelines, keep safe and lend a hand to a friend in need.

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