Food Relief Update: June

During the month of June, we had a tough conversation with ourselves regarding our food relief programme.

While the programme had lasted thus far, and we believe through your support we made a much-needed contribution in dealing with the hunger issue in Joburg, it has been a difficult time financially for most people. Many people are reaching donation fatigue, while debating how to spread the little they have among all these initiatives requesting donations.

We must continue

We have decided to continue with our food relief programme, regardless. We may not be able to do weekly food parcels as we did before, however, we will not give up on this plight. A report dated the 9th of July 2020, released by Oxfam highlighted South Africa as one of the emerging hunger epicentres in the world, saying “As many as 12,000 people could die per day by the end of the year as a result of hunger linked to COVID-19“. Read the article here.

In the month of June, we were able to make one week’s food delivery to our beneficiaries. Thank you to everyone who donated. Believe us, every little bit of support helps at this stage.

Going forward, we are exploring ways to make our food relief programme more sustainable. We have had discussions with our beneficiaries at Londani Lushaka and Blessed is the Hand that Gives, and we are looking at starting food gardens at their premises. The first time we met with these organisations, they expressed the wish to establish food gardens and we hope we can fulfill this through your continuous support. We will keep you posted!

Money raised

We began collecting donations in April and in the month of June received a total of R4,539.90, giving us a grand total of R33,065.99 since lockdown started.

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