5 Healthy Meat Substitutes

I love meat, and I eat meat – less and less in the past few years, but my body still needs meat for my health and so do most people. I believe it is good to cut down on meat, however, we need to be mindful of what we are substituting it with as some meat substitutes are over-processed, full of saturated fat, and contain excessive amounts of salt. We look at wholefoods as a substitute for meat.


meat substitute

The wide variety of mushrooms available makes this veggie a favourite meat substitute. Many mushrooms are thick enough that they seem to have the same meatiness as beef. Easily seasoned with spices and herbs as a baked dish or sautéed in your favourite oil you may just be mistaken for thinking you’re eating meat. Mushrooms are generally grown chemical-free and are low in calories and fat, as well as cholesterol-free.


Brinjals have a meaty texture and can be consumed in different ways. Whether you smoke them, fry in oil or bake, you will enjoy the versatility of brinjals as a meat substitute. Eating the peel has added nutritional benefits too. Brinjals also easily absorb the flavours of herbs and spices giving them a delicious meaty flavour.


Take a whole head of cauliflower, season well and put in the oven like a roast or slice and cook like you would a steak. Cauliflower can be a delicious substitute. Indulge in these beauties while they are still in season. Here’s a recipe to get you inspired:


Beans are full of fibre, proteins and all kinds of vitamins and minerals, making them an excellent choice. Not to mention all the types of beans available! We are seriously spoiled for choice. Black beans are a favourite for us on meatless Mondays. You can have beans in wraps, stews, soups or with a veggie bowl or rice dishes. The creamy texture from slow-cooked beans gives a great meaty flavour.


A favourite staple in Asian cuisine and high in protein and calcium, tofu makes for a delicious meat substitute in most meals. Another one that absorbs flavours easily, you can leave tofu to marinade for a while before you make a stir-fry or a grill. The extra firm tofu is the best for meaty sensations in your mouth. It can be overprocessed, so try to find a less processed type.

As we celebrated World Food Day on the 16th of October, communities rallied all over the country calling for an end to hunger, thirst, pollution, and climate harm. The growing number of well researched articles around these topics are coming out from various institutions and individuals highlighting the common threads between food security and climate harm.

Let us help reduce our environmental footprint, save animals, and demand regenerative farming methods in livestock farming and get healthy.

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