Water Kefir – Lemon Balm and Spices


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Ingredients: water, organic sugar, organic lemon balm, organic ginger, cinnamon, coriander seeds, cloves.

This delicious and spicy new flavour is inspired by Carmelite water, created by Carmelite nuns in France over 600 years ago. It was considered a panacea for many different ailments. Though there are various versions of the recipe in the public domain, the official recipe of the nuns was a closely guarded secret and remains so today. The recipe rights were purchased in 1838 by a French company that continues to produce it today with a blend of 23 herbs and spices, both as a tonic and as a perfume.

Our water kefir is infused with some of the key ingredients of Carmelite water for a delicious, spicy and refreshing drink.