Thrive Cacao Cereal Refill


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Umoya Foods creates healthy, whole food products based on African crops sourced from small-scale farmers.  

Using popped and roasted Amaranth grain we’ve made instant cereal to further promote this drought-resistant crop. The combination of amaranth grain with added wholefood plant-based ingredients gives mixes that are:  

  • Low GI
  • High Fibre
  • Protein-rich, including all essential amino acids

Amaranth grain is a mineral and vitamin dense while being an easily digestible carbohydrate and having a high protein content.

Thrive Cacao


Popped amaranth, beetroot flour, dried cranberries, roasted amaranth flour, roasted cacao nibs, raw cacao, hemp seed protein powder. Naturally sweetened with cranberries and beetroot.


  • All the benefits of Amaranth grain as well as:
  • 50% RDI of Manganese from one serving.
  • Beetroot powder provides betalain antioxidants which help reduce inflammation and support eye and nerve health. Beetroot has detoxing properties.
  • Cacao phytonutrients include polyphenols (antioxidants) that help manage blood pressure and prevent oxidative damage. 
  • The antioxidant, theobromine, improves alertness and cognitive function.

Serving Suggestion: 

Keep yourself alert and in high spirits with this dark chocolate and beetroot blend. Mix with milk and fresh berries or simply add water and get your antioxidant fix for the day. 

12-month shelf-life. 50g per serving.