Top 6 Summer Vegetables, Herbs and Fruit

To celebrate the season and the farmers who grow our food, we wanted to share our favourite summer vegetables, herbs and fruit. Besides their freshness, superior quality and taste, they also pack a healthy punch.

One of our customers wrote to us recently and said, “I see your selection is growing,” after placing their order, and I said a little prayer for our farmers. Growing food is no easy feat. The winter months take their toll, especially on the small-scale farms that we source our produce from. For these farmers to still be able to produce good quality, organic summer crops on time is something to celebrate and be grateful for!

Why buy seasonal?

Although you’ll find summer vegetables, herbs and fruit in stores year-round, they taste better when they’re in season. They’re also jam-packed with nutrients and not as expensive. Seasonal means the produce are in sync with nature. Most of its growth is naturally enhanced and requires little effort in terms of pest control, and no inputs like chemical additives. Read more about the benefits of seasonal produce here.

summer vegetables

1. Tomatoes

If you’ve ever picked a tomato straight from the vine and eaten it, you’ll know what we’re talking about here. Juicy, sweet and just as nature intended. Whether you cook them, add to a salad or just have as a snack, they’re a summer produce essential. Tomatoes provide essential antioxidants that neutralise harmful free radicals in the blood. They are highly recommended for heart health and some cancers

2. Celery

This water-rich summer vegetable is a great antidote to dehydration, and with a fantastic crunch, it also makes for a lovely snack. Raised to superfood status by the “Global Celery Juice Movement”, celery is a good source of antioxidants and has been reported to aid digestion and reduce inflammation. It’s great raw or cooked, in soups or salads. Keep the stalks submerged in a glass of water in the fridge to retain freshness and avoid wilting leaves.

summer vegetables

3. Basil

This easy to grow herb is loved for both its culinary and medicinal properties. Basil adds an amazing flavour to cooked food and salads. Experiment with various types of basil – sweet basil, Thai basil, holy basil and lemon basil – for different tastes. Whether its basil pesto, herb-infused water or an Italian basil salad dressing, there is much to be done with this wonderful herb.

4. Lemon verbena

This lesser-known summer herb is extremely popular with chefs and makers of soaps, perfumes and body butter. It is commonly used in dessert dishes like sorbet and cakes, as well as in liqueurs and tea. It can be dried or used fresh. While it offers a lemon tilt, lemon verbena does not taste like the lemon flavours we’re used to – it’s light with a pleasant scent. We love it brewed in tea or iced tea for those long summer days. It’s also a good natural solve for tummy upsets!

5. Berries

Blue, black, goose or rasp – summer is not complete without berries! These are 4 of the 20 most-loved berries in the world, and the 4 that are currently in season. We’re totally indulging! Have them for breakfast, in pies, jams, with pancakes or smoothies – they’re delicious. Now termed “superfoods” because of their health properties – they’re known to prevent and reduce symptoms of various chronic diseases. Try and buy organically grown and taste that real berry flavour – just like the ones you used to pick from the neighbour’s tree as a kid. 

summer vegetables

6. Watermelon

Last but not least, the delicious watermelon. It has tons of health benefits and contains tons of nutrients. Choose a ripe one to get all the benefits, however, since they’re sweet, moderation is key. We love them for their hydration properties and the fact that almost any time is a good time to eat it!

Let’s enjoy all the summer vegetables, herbs and fruit we can and remember to be grateful for the abundance of the season!

Read more about the benefits of organic produce here.

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