Embracing our Food Heritage

indigenous crops

In South Africa, indigenous crops and traditional foods have been so downgraded that we have forgotten the tastes and even some of the names of these foods. Sadly, this means we’re missing out on some readily available health benefits. The …

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GMO: Is Your Favourite Food Killing You?

genetically modified

It’s okay if you don’t know your GE from your GMOs – that’s what we’re here for! While genetic engineering might seem technical or boring, it’s something you must know about. Your health could depend on it. The terms genetically …

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Food Security Affects Everyone – Even You

food security

In simple terms, food security means that every citizen should have enough food to live an active and healthy life. Seems obvious, right? The tragedy is that for far too many South Africans this is not the case. The second …

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Why We Need To Decolonise Our Diet

decolonise your diet

Decolonising our diets is not about making a political statement, it’s about getting back to the basics of what food our land provides for us naturally, for the benefit of health. What do we mean by “decolonising food”? Writer, historian …

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