The Rainbow Diet for Optimal Health

rainbow diet

Mother Nature has gifted us fruits and vegetables in different colours, not by chance but for our optimal health. This is why it is important to include all colours in our daily meals – and follow a “rainbow diet” – …

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10 Water-rich Fruits and Veggies


It’s summertime and keeping hydrated is super important. With heatwaves scorching South Africa, it’s easy to lose body fluids which can lead to dehydration. If you don’t replace these fluids, early symptoms like thirst, darkened urine or even reduced urine …

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Get More From Your Produce – Buy Seasonal!

buy seasonal

We love the advice to 1) Eat colourfully 2) Eat seasonally and 3) Eat locally! Today we’re tackling the seasonal eating question. Why should we be eating what’s in season and does it actually make a difference? Here’s a quick …

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