Embracing our Food Heritage

indigenous crops

In South Africa, indigenous crops and traditional foods have been so downgraded that we have forgotten the tastes and even some of the names of these foods. Sadly, this means we’re missing out on some readily available health benefits. The …

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6 Keys to Good Health

good health

With so much available information on lifestyle diseases, it’s easy to think that achieving good health is unrealistic. While not easy, we believe good health is possible – with intention and discipline. From all our reading, the message we have …

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Poor Diet Causes More Deaths Than Smoking


Poor diet is now cited as the leading cause of death from lifestyle diseases – which is more than those caused from smoking. In closing the month of April, which observes World Health Day – celebrated on the 7th April …

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African Cancer-Fighting Foods

cancer fighting food

Yesterday, the 4th of February, the world observed World Cancer Day. The Cancer Association of South Africa (CANSA) says that everyone has the power to create a world free of cancer by doing their bit. “The aim is to challenge …

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