Time for Tea!

Tea is the perfect antidote to the dreaded cold and flu season, so we’re looking at some tea options to boost our immune systems and ward off any sickness.

If wellbeing is your priority, stock up on these ingredients and start sipping.


A cousin to the mint family and famously known for its culinary uses, sage has a long history of traditional and medicinal benefits. The leaves infused in hot water make for a lovely cuppa. Add a bit of honey for taste.  


Well known for its healing properties, ginger is a no-brainer if you want to ward off colds and flu. Use fresh ginger to make a refreshing tea as you wake up. Add a slice of orange or lemon for a citrus twist.

Lemon verbena

This lemony herb is mostly used in desserts but also makes a lovely cup of tea. Be sure to dry fresh leaves for winter months when it is out of season and enjoy it for a longer period.

Mint or Spearmint

Another famous one and for a good reason. The menthol in mint helps soothes sore throats and assist ease respiratory conditions. Steep until your water turns slightly green.


Lemon is nature’s antiseptic. Adding lemon to black tea leaves or green tea helps with colds and flu as well as sore throats. It’s also used to detox the body.


Although honey can be added to tea or lemon water, on its own it acts as a cough suppressant. In winter raw honey is in shortage in Gauteng as most bees go into hibernation and during harvesting beekeepers usually leave some of the honey for the bees to sustain themselves during the cold months.

We can learn a lot from the bees. It is important to understand the cycles of nature and fit our diets into those cycles to avoid disrupting mother nature’s way, for the sustainability of our planet. By following nature’s way we also get the maximum benefits for our health and wellbeing.  

Note: Be sure to read the recommended way to make your tea of choice. Water temperature is critical to making the best cuppa!

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